Escape from Corporate Wage Slavery

This site was created to provide an escape plan for the 21st century corporate wage slave. If you sit behind a cubicle wondering why you hate your life, your liberation starts here.

What is a Corporate Wage Slave?

cor-po-rate [kawr-per-it, -prit]: “of, for, or belonging to a corporation”

slave [sleyv]: “person who is the property of and wholly subject to another a servant.”

The corporate wage slave is a human being who is unable to make rational decisions or express free thought, and relegated to a life of perpetual work and stress to adhere to the status quo.

The corporate wage slave is kept in bondage with the requirement of debt to achieve societal expectations as indoctrinated by omnipresent corporate influence.

The corporate wage slave sacrifices its intellect, energy, and individuality to create wealth for men it will never meet.

The corporate wage slave is afraid. Afraid of losing employment. Afraid of losing a paycheck. Afraid of a lower credit score. Afraid of balding and small breasts. Afraid of perceived inadequacy in the face of family, friends, and colleagues. Afraid to be different.

The corporate wage slave is groomed from birth to serve until death.

Why Escape?

Hey, being a wage slave isn’t so bad. After all, there’s always food on the table, a nice car to drive, acceptable health care, and endless entertainment at every turn. Who knows, maybe even a promotion and a 10% raise next quarter. To leave this lifestyle would be complete insanity, right?

Wrong. A life of fulfillment and satisfaction is forged from freedom of expression and the pursuit of your own dreams. The great leaders and thinkers of this universe are not those who are afraid, but those who are free.

Our Moral Principles

  • This site is a not for profit.
  • This site is independently and anonymously operated.
  • This site is for the average person.
  • This site is an advocate of freedom and individual expression.
  • This site is NOT anti-corporation. Just pro individual.
  • This site is NOT political.

Unfortunately, we cannot emancipate the masses of corporate slaves, but only provide the escape plan for those brave enough to attempt to flee. Godspeed.