Pugs – The Apex of Canine Evolution


As America continues to plunge into a poverty-stricken police state, there remains at least one symbol of unyielding hope. The Pug provides the model from which we can restore the natural continuation of life. Beyond its stout figure and squishy face, lies a mysteriously powerful entity capable of transforming the human experience.

Some might call the Pug lazy, fat, ugly, stubborn, smelly, or even stupid, but this is merely a simple observation of the Pug’s outward appearance. The harmony that emantes from Pug’s inward energy results in perhaps the greatest breed of canine in existence. You must first ask yourself what constitutes canine greatness? Is it athletic ability? Ferociousness? Ability to perform tricks? Under these measures, the Pug would unquestionably fail.

However, the pug is an embodiment of peaceful thought. Like Ghandi or Ashoka the Great, the pug exploits its material existence to further a message of unwavering peace. Those who encounter the Pug will profess their peaceful demeanor without fluctuation. When the Pug senses sadness, it will, without hesitation, crawl into the arms of the human to provide unconditional condolence. When the Pug senses hatred, it will seek to transfer it’s abundance of positive energy to remedy the imbalance by whatever means available. Whether this message of peace is intentional or not, science has thus far not been able to prove. But the calculation of Pug’s message is irrelevant because the results are undeniable.

You can call it “Granger Causality”, “Cause and Effect,” or “Karma”, but the underlying truth is that all energy in the universe must eventually reach a state of equilibrium, whether physical or spiritual. So, we must assume that the Pug brings forth net positive energy into our existence. This energy is transmitted through the human sensory system and becomes the catalyst for complex electrochemical reactions in the human body, also known as the emotions of love, happiness, and zeal. Humans who have encountered Pugs will often report the experience conjoined to their own conscience existence. In other words, the human ego becomes an inseparable entity with the Pug’s existence.

Therefor, when considering the measure of net positive energy flow, the Pug must be considered the masterpiece of canine evolution.

A Pug Meditating in the Zen Garden

A Pug in Deep Meditation in the Zen Garden