The Corporate Brainwashing Machine

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Day after day from the day you were born, you have been brainwashed into a narrow line of thought. By manipulating your natural human emotions, advertisers compel you to buy and consume junk that you don’t need.


Much of our consumer culture is built on ego. It is natural for a person to want to feel important, good looking, powerful, sexy, rich, youthful, athletic, etc. Playing to these emotional desires is at the core of the brainwashing machine. Don’t believe it, put on your corporate executive suit and answer these questions.

How can we get people indifferently stock closets full of clothes they will rarely wear stitched by slaves in third world countries? Answer: In celebrities we trust. Put a pair of sneakers on LeBron James and I could care less  where it came from or whether or not I need it.

How can we get people to spend a fortune on dieting, bodybuilding, and nutritional supplements despite no evidence that they actually work? Answer: Powders and liquids all look and act the same, but if we put it in cool packaging and publish magazines that say it works, it will sell.

How can we get people to constantly eat foods known to be more lethal and addicting than cigarettes? Answer: Make it cheap, easily available, and get them hooked while they’re young. I’m lovin’ it.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

The result of the brainwashing machine has created an arms race of material uselessness among the people. Our neighbor has 2 cars, therefor we must have 3 cars. Our friends have walk-in closets full of overpriced jeans, therefor we must have even bigger closets with even more overpriced jeans. This behavior is not only detrimental to human happiness, but it is detrimental the preservation of our race.

Welcome to the Machine

You’re constantly exposed to emotionally driven advertisements without your consent every day. Here are a few steps to destroying he machine.

  • Burn your TV. Or just sell it. It is the most powerful medium for tapping your emotional weaknesses, is highly addicting, and devours your most precious resource… time. Every time to bath in the inviting glow of the television, you are submitting your human individuality be molded and shaped by a force that cares nothing for your well being. 
  • Stop taking your meds. If you take medications for depression, anxiety, or some other mental disorder, throw them in the garbage. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the greatest and most profitable scams the world has ever known. Anti-depressants are not designed to fix problems, they are designed to produce loyal customers. There are tens of thousands of examples of these chemicals doing more harm than good. Don’t let them mess with your head.
  • Celebrities are douche bags. Celebrities are little more than marketing puppets, engineered to appear as the champions of society. To the average person, the celebrity radiates as the pinnacle of success, but this is by design. Your emotional desire for fame and wealth will cause you to replicate the behavior of celebrities, or at least how they choose to market these behaviors to you. In reality, the celebrity is a slave just like you.
  • Consume with Logic. Make logical choices when buying products. Never rely on advertisements, salespeople, or packaging to influence your decision. Use unbiased research and judgment and make smart decisions.
  • You are nothing. Only when you realize how completely insignificant your life IS and always will be, will you will be free to live it. When you abandon your ego, you leave with it your fears, insecurities, and desires.
  • Mihai Valentin Constantin

    Very true! I don’t have a TV or a car, I don’t have debt, I don’t buy useless stuff. While I am a wage-slave for now, I can being showing the corporations my middle finger.