The Cubicle Cage – Why you Must Escape the Cubicle


Cu-bi-cle [kyoo-bi-kuh l] a small space or compartment partitioned off from the outside world.

Everyday, cubicles are responsible for defrauding millions of well-intentioned human beings from their creativity, health, and wealth. Billions of hours of potential creativity and human experience are washed away into a meaningless oblivion of imaginary waste.

Cubicles are detrimental to your health

Your cubicle is killing you! Even if you exercise 4 times per week and eat a healthy organic diet, the cubicle lifestyle is an independent detriment to your health. Just like smoking, no level of exercise of dieting will be able to mitigate the health risks. Have you ever heard of “Death by Cubicle”? It’s a very real health risk that comes from sitting down for excessive hours.

Cubicles blind your eyes from a beautiful world

Beyond the sterile walls of the cubicle lies a beautiful world that should be experienced daily. The untamed nature outside is exploding with infinite possibilities and new experiences waiting to be had. Inside the cubicle walls, you can predict nearly every moment that will unfold before your eyes. You know when you will eat lunch, you know when you have a meeting, when you will go home. Life only becomes unpredictable when you show up to work with diarrhea because you ran out of sick days.

Cubicles stifle creativity

Few great thinkers and artists attribute their inspiration to the cubicle. Even the creator of the cubicle, Robert Propst, believed the cubicle was no way for humans to live their lives.  In reality, the cubicle is a great tool for managers to keep employees obedient, equal, and efficient.

Your mind is already trying to escape

Have you ever noticed how you are always day-dreaming when you work inside a cubicle. Imagining what you will do when you get home… Planning your next vacation… Living out some fantasy… Nature did not design small bland boxes for humans to sit all day,  rather it designed a massive elegant globe humans to play all day. Allow your body to follow your mind, and life will start to get interesting.

The cubicle is your enemy

The cubicle was designed to keep simple minded wage slaves organized and effective. Human resources are one of the largest expenses for a successful company. Smart executives keep costs low by assigning employees to cubes where they can comfortably perform mundane tasks. Escape.