The Uniform of Evil


If you made a conscience choice to steal, lie, or murder, what outfit would you choose to wear? The uniform that is almost universally adorned by opressive forces in the world is your traditional business suit and tie. The business suit never loses it’s appeal despite all the atrocities against mankind that have been perpetrated within its seams.


In what outfit do we find the greatest oppressors of mankind? If we must send millions of innocent people to die, I suppose it would be appropriate to dawn a suit and tie.


Adolf Hitler harnessed the power of the business suit during his conquests of humanity.


In what outfit do we find the greatest liars of all time? The suit and tie seems to empower our politicians and lawyers to lie endlessly without remorse. Does it provide some type of protective shield to the consequences of dishonesty?

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An un-named politician in his best suit.


In what outfit to we find our most effective thieves? Again the suit and tie. Stealing just doesn’t feel wrong when you’re in the right uniform.

Bernie Madoff in suit

Bernie Madoff made good use of the suit while plundering billions from his victims.


And of course our best murderers are made presentable with the suit and tie.

Anders Brevivick adjusting his tie.

Anders Brevivick, the mass murderer, adjusting his tie.

The suit and tie is the uniform of evil. On the outside it has the ability to deceive. On the inside it allows the ego to thrive.